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Pale Jay & Okonski – By The Lake

A bit of background on this Soul record that dropped today…

‘By The Lake’ is a neo-soul flip of the Okonski piano tune that’s poignant and upbeat at the same time. The lyrics come from a conversation that Pale Jay had recently with a close friend who was pondering moving to a new city to pursue a budding love affair, but ultimately chose to stay put because they had not overcome an old heart break. When he heard Okinski’s song, “Runner Up” from his upcoming album, he immediately latched onto the lingering feeling of speaking to his friend and wrote “By The Lake” in the next thirty minutes after chopping up Okonski’s piano samples.

AZ – Respect Mines

Looks like AZ got a new album dropping in early 2023 and here’s a dope leadoff single to kick it off…

Video alert(November Mixtape Cuts)…

Time for a couple of visuals from my last Hip Hop mixtape

Rockness Monsta – Pay Me:

Tom Caruana Ft. Dillon – Chains:

Nas – King’s Cure Mixtape(DJ JS-1)

Jerms aka DJ JS-1 does us grumpy old heads a favor and adds that b-boy flavor to Nas’ KD albums...

Ill Bill – Time To Go(Video)

New music off the ‘Billy’ album. Rappers, take heed to the words…

‘Turkey Day’ 2022 Mixtape(House Vibes)

Just wanna wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving Day and hope y’all enjoying spending time with family & friends this year. Here’s a few groovy tunes to dance to while u wait on that turkey 🦃 . I’ll put up the track list later…

NOTE: This will only be up for a few weeks. Then I’ll put it up at my store for purchase if anyone cares to support the site.

Kool G. Rap Ft. 38 Spesh & AZ – Born Hustler

G. Rap is back with a new album and he’s sounding refreshed on this cut here…

Rockness Monsta Ft. General Steele & Ruste Juxx – Shark Tank(Video)

Ether Rocks out right now…

Rasheed Chappell – Narcan(Video)

A new drop off the ‘A Portrait Of’ album

UFO Fev – Drug Free(Video)

UFO Fev back with another banger off his ‘Blood On The Bills’ album