March ‘Hip Hop’ Mixtape(2023)

This particular mix joint goes out to one of my favorite groups on Planet Earth, De La Soul (RIP Dave). Thanks for always remaining true to yourselves and releasing timeless music. With that being said, here’s some more artists I feel remain consistent in dropping nothing but that dope ish. Tracklist is below…

Sadat X Ft. Crime apple(verse) – Everything I’m Suppose

Supastition Ft. DJ Robert Smith – Old Man Strength

Rome Streetz – Royal Flush

David Bars, Passport Gift & Parks – Hallelujah

UFO Fev – Watch What U Say

Cashus King Ft. Jeff Johnson II – Cheshire Cat

Fokis – This World

Kutmasta Kurt – Partnas Confused(Inst)

Kutmasta Kurt Ft. Kool Keith & MOI – Partnas Confused(Vocal)

The Bad Seed – Grateful

Che Noir Ft. Skyzoo – Brilliance

Von Pea – Ode To Slick Rick

Cashus King – Dear Kanye

Post Script: This won’t be up forever so stream it while u can! More than likely I will put it up on my shop store which I will link to in the near future.

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