June ‘Freestyle Classics’ Mixtape(2022)

Gas up (if you can afford it) your Monte Carlo’s cause we going on a late 80’s Freestyle/Electro ride on this one…

Stevie B – Spring Love(Acapella)

Judy Torres – Come Into My Arms(Casa Mix)

Voice In Fashion – Only In The Night

TKA – Don’t Be Afraid

& More – You’ll Never Find Another Love(Dub)

Tony Garcia Ft. Peter Fontaine – Just Like The Wind

Exo – Why Did You Do(Bassapella)

Noel – Out Of Time

Yvonne DeLeon – Can’t Face The Fact(Dub)

Voyce – Within My Heart(Schoolyard Groove)

Joey Kidd – Counting The Days

Joey Kidd – Broken Promises

Joey Kidd – Everything I Own

Pajama Party – Yo No Se

Orange Lemon – Dreams Of Santa Ana

2 Puerto Ricans A Black Man And A Dominican – Do It Properly

Bad Boy Orchestra – Do U Wanna Dance(Piano Dub)

Natasha – Be Gentle With My Heart(Acapella)

Tiana – Tell Me Why

Cynthia – Thought I’d Never Let U Go

Clear Touch – Surrender Your Love

Clear Touch – Fallen Angel

Giggles – Love Letter

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