UFO Fev talks on his new LP ‘Enigma Of Dali’….

Good interview via Grown Up Rap, as he talks on his new album with Vanderslice plus his connection to Fat Joe & Black Rob. You can also find a few records of his on any one of my mixtapes. Click on link for the full write-up

Tell me about Enigma of Dalí, and how you and Vanderslice connected.

The Enigma Of Dalí was something again, that happened organically. I met Vanderslice in 2017 through a mutual party and he was cool enough to send me some beats so I can work on them and I spent no time getting them done. Within 48 hours, he loved the energy and lyricism of the records and we kept it going ever since.

The title is a reference to Salvador DalĂ­, who I know is someone you have studied. What is it about his art that attracts you, and what impact has it had on your writing and sound?

The thing that attracted me to Dalí while studying one day was an interview where he discussed the golden ratio and how it applies to almost everything in life. He was just going off on things I was so happening to be trying to understand at the time. From the perfect angle of a rhino’s horn to his face, to the ignorance of being young. He was so smart but the white men interviewing him kept undermining him as if he was slightly off. Maybe to them and others he was, but to me, in my world, maybe he is slightly on.

There are some major names championing your music, including Fat Joe. What’s your relationship with him and the rest of Terror Squad?

My relationship with Fat Joe, I can’t really put in layman’s terms because there’s nothing binding us together. We just got bulletproof respect and love, I can only learn from Crack. He has been kind enough to take me around the world and put money in my pocket as we do so. My dad once told me, any man providing an opportunity for you to feed your kids is a good man. That’s a gem.

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